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menu selection
Menu selection should be submitted to the banquet office at least two weeks in advance. No more than two entrée selections can be chosen. Exact counts are due for each entrée. On split menus, exact counts are due for each entrée. Place cards must be provided and set up by host to signal who receives which entrée. Minimum charge will be 100% of the guaranteed number. The guaranteed number is required to be submitted 72 working hours prior to the function. If no guarantee is received prior to the function, then the original estimate of attendance will become the guarantee. Prices are subject to change.

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A $300 non-refundable deposit, applied toward your banquet, is required to secure all rooms. A room is not confirmed until the deposit is received. Failure to submit a final attendance figure will result in charges based on 100% of the highest estimated attendance. Final attendance is not subject to reduction. Room assignments are not guaranteed and room changes may be made without notice.

We carry a selection of over 200 wines. Wine may be supplied by the guest with prior approval of the banquet office. A corkage fee of $15 per 750 ml bottle will be charged. No other beverage may be brought onto the premises.

bar and beverage service
Our customer service personnel will provide cocktail service. Your bar bill can be arranged on a hosted (one check) basis, or cash (individual payment with tax and tip added) basis. No beverages of any kind may be brought into the restaurant. Liquor sales are governed by state law. Hours and limitations are strictly followed.

a la carte menu parties
A la Carte dining with limited menus is available for groups of 35 or less. The cost will be the regular menu prices with salads, beverages, and dessert added to the cost of the entrée.

service charges
A 21% gratuity and applicable sales tax is added to all parties.

room charges
There will be a room charge for parties of less than 20 persons; $30 Sunday-Thursday, $75 on Friday and Saturday. We do not permit nails, staples, tacks, etc. to be used on the banquet room walls or tables. All damages will be billed to the host.

All private parties must be paid in full on the day of the function. The banquet department issues one check with tax and gratuity already added. There are no separate checks issued in the banquet rooms. Functions preferred method of payment is Cash or Check. A 5% service charge will be added to parties charged on American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Prices quoted on menus do not include existing city and state taxes, or service charges. State law requires that sales tax be allocated on the total bill including food, liquor, rentals, and service charge. Groups eligible for state sales tax exemption must submit their tax exemption letter prior to their function.

audio-visual equipment
There will be a $50 charge for the use of our plasma screens, LCD projector, moveable screens, DVD player, CD player, and/or laptop computer.